Cooling Pillow Protector

Cooling Pillow Protector
Cooling Pillow Protector
Cooling Pillow Protector
Cooling Pillow Protector
Cooling Pillow Protector
Cooling Pillow Protector

Cooling Pillow Protector

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Why You'll Love It
Sweat, drool, dust mites, and even bed bugs can damage, stain, and otherwise degrade your pillow - our silver-infused, waterproof, and stain resistant pillowcase uses a proprietary fabric to protect your pillow and extend its life for years.
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Your pillow endures a lot - from sweat, drool, and spills to dust mites and even bed bugs. Your pillow is subject to these things that can not only cause discoloration of your pillow and reduce its lifespan but can also be a health hazard.

Pillowcases by themselves are not adequate to protect your pillow from these hazards. Pillowcases are made from material that isn't waterproof, dust resistant, or bacteria resistant. As a result, sweat and other fluids can seep through and cause some not-so pleasing stains. Add to this the fact that pillowcases are open-ended, and it's easy to see why most pillows last fewer than 2 years!

That's why it's important to protect your pillow with a pillow protector - using Silver-infused fabric, our pillow protector is naturally antimicrobial. We treat the fabric with a stain repellent solution and finish it off with a waterproof lining. It zips over your pillow to ensure maximum protection. Unlike other pillow protectors, ours does not create white noise and it feels so soft some of our customers even sleep on them by themselves.

Waterproof, silver-infused polyester.

All orders can be returned within 60 days from delivery. We offer a 60-day night sleep trial on all orders, so you are welcome to return the pillow, even after you have used it.

If you're not in love with your purchase during this time period, you have the option to return It to us for a full refund. Simply reach out to to initiate a return.

Queen: 71 cm x 50 cm

Maximum Comfort

Our Dosaze™ silver infused fabric allows effective protection while also being comfortable and soft enough to sleep on. This carefully designed material is soft to the touch, but also waterproof and antimicrobial.

Super Quiet

Our pillow protector does not crinkle and create noise that interrupts your sleep. No annoying white noise - we promise!

Not Just Comfort. Proven Sleep Improvement.


I ordered the pillows and pillow protectors a while ago and I love them. I sleep very well and wake up
refreshed. I ordered other pillows before and was not happy. These are perfect.


These pillow protectors are extremely high quality. The zipper is hidden so it just looks like a pillow. Very comfortable and effective at protecting my Dosaze pillow! I'm happy I added it to my purchase.


This is the nicest pillow protector I have ever purchased. It is very well made, thick, and sturdy construction! I’m very impressed with this product!


This pillow protector is great. I tend to be a hot sleeper and sometimes moisture/sweat would seep through my pillowcase and onto my pillow, causing discoloration. This pillow protector has been GREAT for protecting my pillow.

Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: our fabrics, technology and commitment to comfort.

The Dosaze pillow protector extends the life and quality of your pilliow by keeping it sealed from moisture and dust-mites.

Our silver-infused, waterproof fabric is naturally antimicrobial and kind to your pillow, skin and allergies.

Place your Waterproof Pillow Protector in the washing machine with gentle detergent.

Use the gentle/delicates or low setting on your washer with cold water.

Remove promptly from your washer when the cycle is complete and place in the dryer on low (use dryer balls, if possible).

We have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves in the quality of our pillow, so we want all our customers to be happy. If you have an issue, please contact our customer support team at